Southern World Fiji is based in Nadi and operated by Award Winning Rosie Holidays, where our team of experienced destination specialists will tailor-make the ultimate Fiji experience to suit every guest’s specific requirements, preferences and budget.

Group travel, cruise-ship shore excursions, conference and incentives travel as well as high-end bespoke individual travel are just some of our key areas of interest and expertise here in Fiji. With Daniel Vakadranu as our Southern Fiji Account Manager, you can be assured of our full support in designing and delivering the best tailor-made solutions for your clients travel and experience with us here in Fiji. This is also backed up by the multi-award winning services of Rosie Holidays and their highly skilled team who are regarded as Fiji’s No.1 inbound destination management company.

Year round balmy weather, a stress-free environment and world class facilities with first class service, make Fiji as near as possible to paradise – a truly great escape. Southern World Fiji prides itself on delivering a very personalized service experience and has always maintained strong personal relationships with our various suppliers to provide clients with highly competitive rates.

Top ten things to do in Fiji:
Snorkel and dive on fabulous coral reefs
Go big game fishing
Visit a traditional Fijian village
Swim in the warm, crystal clear water
Sip cocktails as you watch the sun sink in a blaze of colour
Explore tropical islands
Try the traditional drink of Fiji – Kava
Surf the big breaks
Be amazed as fire walkers trek across the pits of red hot stones
Cruise through clear, warm, turquoise waters on-board a luxury cruiser

A Few Facts:
Population: A mere 750,000 people inhabit the Fiji Islands – the majority of whom live on the two larger island.
Time Zone: Fiji is 12 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.
Electricity: 240 volts – most resorts and hotels have 110-volt converters.
Taxes: A Government Value Added Tax (12.5%) is applied to all goods and services supplied. A Hotel Turnover Tax (HTT) (currently 5%) also applies.
Climate: Now you have found paradise! Fiji enjoys the perfect climate year round. November to April 30°C+, May to October 26°C.


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