Rosie Holidays was built on a genuine belief that Tourism can improve the social and economic wellbeing of the community in Fiji

The Rosie Group actively supports the following key community programs:

Koroipita Project

That the Tourism dollar has the capacity to circulate to everyone in the community. Each year, every staff member of the Rosie Group must do a minimum of one day serving at Koroipita. Koroipita is a settlement outside of Lautoka, where Rosie has been building homes and infrastructure, with the goal to construct a “modern town”, providing a new home, running water, sewerage, child education, and a secure environment for low income families who have in the past been homeless. Rosie has built homes, kitchens, pathways, retaining walls, children’s playgrounds, and nurseries.  Read More

Cure Kids Fiji

Cure Kids Fiji was formed with key partner Accor Hotels, who wanted to give back to the people of Fiji. Children are a precious part of the Fijian culture and lifestyle yet, sadly, far too many lose their lives to basic illnesses that are treatable and preventable in other parts of the world.   Read More


Pack for a Purpose

Responsible tourists, adventure vacationers, voluntourists, and other travelers can find simple ways to help non-profit causes, service projects, and charities in Oceania, especially in countries such as Fiji. Tourists interested in making donations can choose from a variety of projects.

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