Bula Lives Here!

“Bula” literally means “Life” in Fijian.

It is the traditional greeting and a word that is synonymous with everything in Fiji.

It is hard to say “Bula” without smiling.

Bula means Life, Welcome Greetings, Good Health, a Good Journey, and wishes for the Best in Life. It is even expressed after a sneeze, where its meaning is the words “bless you”.

Therefore Bula is not only a greeting but a humble acknowledgement of the flow of life and blessing when two people meet. The word is heard everywhere in Fiji. It transforms every visitor to our islands. Said with a smile, the word has registered in the hearts of all who have visited our shores, creating a unique identity for our country and its people.

It is our promise at Rosie Holidays to make “Bula live here”.

That Rosie will make that extra effort, to ensure that every visitor, enjoys the very best in hospitality, warmth, thoughtful service, and the kindness that is BULA.